Friday, April 6, 2012

thoughts with sounds

        Nothing really earthshaking here except whatever you might come up with on your own;)  Haven't blogged in way too long and left some things hanging, which I promise I'll get back to in the near future, just had a real interesting time of late with some slight work randomization in the form of the build machine, but it's been a great project!  I'm actually really intrigues to setup a python tools pipe that uses some form of CI, minus the build step...or maybe plus the build step for custom extensions.  Dunno tho, this is the sort of thing I think i need to do in moderation, hehe, not to slag on past lives or anything, but dipping my toes back into pure pipeline work reminds me that I like not having to do pure pipeline work all the time!  Given some of this new info, I think I'll probably push back part 2 of the Unity/Git tutorial and expand it to being a complete Unity/Git/CI tutorial once I get Unity builds figured out.  Shouldn't be too hard...

        Taking a page from my co-worker Chris, I've started gathering little snippets of media on youtube and vimeo that I can draw inspiration from, I'm realizing I need to shift my focus a bit to really stay up in this game.  It's such a different thing we're trying to do here, ideas need to come from different places.

Taking a bit of advice from this guy...

        One of the more fun videos came by way of another co-worker, which is driving some other stuff I'm thinking about right now, too.  Looking at this sort of thing does really solidify how much I enjoy having tactile components beyond just a touchscreen.  Something to keep thinking about.  Check it out, fun times:

        Hmm...lastly I started playing around with another prototyping framework, trying to find a good sandbox for doing sound driven gfx or gfx driven sound or whatever other combination of those things I can come up with.  I gotta admit I was a little charmed to see it come up in a tk windows, of course my first thought was "aww, i miss IDLE".  But yeah, check out Pure Data, it's a bit sparsely documented, but it's fun.  If you're familiar with patch-"programming", you'll feel right at home here (without having to pay for Max/MSP!).


    Ok just kidding.  Lastly for real, here's some fun generative audio stuff to get you through any boring times you might encounter this weekend.  I wonder what an evolution on this idea of generative music might look like...

Otomata - Try this online!

Tonematrix - This one too!