Friday, April 6, 2012

thoughts with sounds

        Nothing really earthshaking here except whatever you might come up with on your own;)  Haven't blogged in way too long and left some things hanging, which I promise I'll get back to in the near future, just had a real interesting time of late with some slight work randomization in the form of the build machine, but it's been a great project!  I'm actually really intrigues to setup a python tools pipe that uses some form of CI, minus the build step...or maybe plus the build step for custom extensions.  Dunno tho, this is the sort of thing I think i need to do in moderation, hehe, not to slag on past lives or anything, but dipping my toes back into pure pipeline work reminds me that I like not having to do pure pipeline work all the time!  Given some of this new info, I think I'll probably push back part 2 of the Unity/Git tutorial and expand it to being a complete Unity/Git/CI tutorial once I get Unity builds figured out.  Shouldn't be too hard...

        Taking a page from my co-worker Chris, I've started gathering little snippets of media on youtube and vimeo that I can draw inspiration from, I'm realizing I need to shift my focus a bit to really stay up in this game.  It's such a different thing we're trying to do here, ideas need to come from different places.

Taking a bit of advice from this guy...

        One of the more fun videos came by way of another co-worker, which is driving some other stuff I'm thinking about right now, too.  Looking at this sort of thing does really solidify how much I enjoy having tactile components beyond just a touchscreen.  Something to keep thinking about.  Check it out, fun times:

        Hmm...lastly I started playing around with another prototyping framework, trying to find a good sandbox for doing sound driven gfx or gfx driven sound or whatever other combination of those things I can come up with.  I gotta admit I was a little charmed to see it come up in a tk windows, of course my first thought was "aww, i miss IDLE".  But yeah, check out Pure Data, it's a bit sparsely documented, but it's fun.  If you're familiar with patch-"programming", you'll feel right at home here (without having to pay for Max/MSP!).


    Ok just kidding.  Lastly for real, here's some fun generative audio stuff to get you through any boring times you might encounter this weekend.  I wonder what an evolution on this idea of generative music might look like...

Otomata - Try this online!

Tonematrix - This one too!


  1. You're probably already aware of this, but just in case, Unity has a bunch of useful command line arguments to help with CI, among other things. You can run headless, execute build scripts or unit test, etc. I haven't dived too far into this stuff yet, but it can definitely come in handy.

  2. Definitely! Got a basic Jenkins job for Unity up and running, my next project is to figure out some sort of structured parsing for the logfile. May even wrap it up into an actual Jenkins plugin if i get really ambitious:D

  3. that picture reminds me of this! LOL