Friday, December 28, 2012

C4CNC: The Road Ahead...

    If you've already stopped over to the OpenProcessing Classroom, you'll notice there's not a ton of really exciting stuff there (yet).  The idea is that we're going to ramp into more advanced sketches from simple concepts, so we'll start slow-ish to get folks comfortable with both the ideas and just the act of typing code, then we'll start to speed up as we build the actual project.  That all said, I figured I'd toss up a quick preview of where we're going to end up by the end of C4CNC 201.

We'll start here...

teaser ...and end up here.
Watch the sketch in action

    If in your travels through OpenProcessing (or elsewhere) you see one or more effects you're interested in learning about, let me know! Given my limited creativity, I'm always looking for new project inspiration for tutorials, would be fun to piece together a tutorial from a few different effects/sketches. I guess I could just do that myself, but i'm curious as to the nature of other people's aesthetic a non-creepy way. Anyway, back to work, I should have the first lesson up later today.

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